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Montessori Glendale Front Doors

35+ Years of Teaching Experience in a systematic, unique style

Providing students a healthy and inviting learning environment where they are protected from physical and emotional harm is central to the mission of our school. Our school is not just a place with advanced security procedures, it is also a place that helps students develop and allows them to succeed, even in difficult circumstances. Our school encourages healthy behaviors that help students learn about fitness, nutrition, and making healthy choices.

Since 1988, The Montessori Academy (toddler, pre-primary, kindergarten) is an educational institution owned and operated by Niranjala Bibile, dedicated to the goal of providing excellence in education in philosophy for the individual child – a great tool for the natural process of human development.

  • The school is for preschool children of all races and creeds from 24 months (2 years) through kindergarten level.

  • Classes meet five days a week from September through June, and a full summer program in July and August.

  • The school has no religious affiliation.

  • Founder of this educational method is Dr. Maria Montessori, an internationally acclaimed physician-educator, who discovered that simple but exact educational material provoked in the young child a deep interest and attention not previously believed possible.

Montessori Glendale
Montessori Glendale Classroom


Designed for independent work, the classroom is equipped with chairs, tables and shelves – all child-size. Low shelves around the room contain didactic materials, which the child may work with. The teaching materials also are designed for independent use. Each piece of apparatus isolates a particular problem and is self-corrective. Since movement is intimately connected with learning, many activities engage the child’s large and small muscles, as well as their senses and minds. Many materials are used on mats on the floor.




Montessori Glendale Playground

Montessori Academy Glendale 


Montessori Credentials in USA

(Founding the  school) original location in 1986

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