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Nurturing Tomorrow's Innovators, Leaders and Dreamers Today!

Welcome to 
Montessori Academy
in beautiful Glendale

Our mission at Montessori Academy is to empower young children through an authentic Montessori education by fostering their natural curiosity, creativity, and independent learning abilities. We aim to create a supportive, inclusive, and nurturing environment that allows each child to reach their full potential and become confident, self-directed learners who are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. By respecting each child's unique pace and learning style, we cultivate their love of knowledge and encourage them to develop a lifelong passion for learning

Since 1988, The Montessori Academy (toddler, pre-primary, kindergarten) is an educational institution owned and operated by Niranjala Bibile, dedicated to the goal of providing excellence in education in philosophy for the individual child – a great tool for the natural process of human development.

The Montessori concept allows children to experience the joy of learning. Intellectual, creative, physical, and social growth successfully develop. Each child works and learns at his own pace, and according to his own capacities. Children of different ages work together in the same classroom, which stimulates both academic and social growth.







Designed for independent work, each child will encounter a stimulating environment filled with love and warmth. All rooms are equipped with child size chairs and tables. All shelves at a low level as well, perfect for any child to access with ease.

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We believe that children have an inborn drive to be independent and our whole-child approach encourages just that. Parents can entrust us with their children, knowing they will always be treated with kindness and respect.

Developing tomorrow’s leaders to be confident, creative, independent thinkers


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"This school is absoulutely amazing. Our son attended there from the age of 3 until we moved several months later and during that short period of time he developed so much."

Richie H., CA

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